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Established in 2003, the Maureen Andrew Mentor Award honors the contributions of Dr. Maureen Andrew to the field of child health research. The award recognizes outstanding mentor leadership that generates excitement, creativity, and scholarships leading to outstanding research and teaching.


  • Must be a Pediatrician

  • Must have a sustained record of excellence as a mentor, defined as an individual who demonstrates attributes of a teacher, sponsor, guide, mentor, counselor


Deadline for submission is November 7, 2018

  • Current Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee

    • Include Supervisory/Mentor activities

    • Research productivity by Mentees should be indicated by highlighting the names in each publication

  • List of Mentees

    • Present as a spreadsheet or table

    • Include the following: Training/Faculty level at the time of mentorship, current academic appointment, an indication as to whether mentees are currently recipients of operating grants awarded by NIH and/or non-governmental organizations, other academic leadership or research contributions (e.g. research awards)

  • List of Mentoring Activities (other than direct supervision of research)

    • Could include leadership within a training grant, development/implementation of mentoring activities at the local, national or international level, mentoring activities within professional organizations and academic health science centers

  • Letter of Nomination and 3 Letters of Support (4 letters total)

    • Letters should provide evidence regarding how the nominee has displayed mentor-related attributes including sponsor, mentor, guide, role model and counselor

    • Letters should include the impact of the nominee’s mentorship on the career development of those mentored


  • Complimentary economy-level travel expenses if booked 30 days in advance.

  • Complimentary hotel accommodations for 2 nights.

  • Complimentary PAS meeting registration.

  • The award will be presented with a commemorative plaque and an honorarium of $1,000 during the PAS Meeting.

  • The recipient must attend the PAS Meeting


  • The award will be presented to one individual annually.

  • The Committee for the Maureen Andrew Mentor Award will be solely responsible for the selection of the recipients.

  • Members of the selection committee cannot nominate or support any nominations.

  • Awards will only be chosen when there are eligible candidates

Click Here to Nominate

For Additional Information contact the SPR Central Office at
info@societyforpediatricresearch.org or call (346) 980-9710